Multiply Your Blessings

Multiply Your Blessings

Jesus tells us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. That mandate can be a bit overwhelming, since the need is so great. We often ask our members and friends to help us minister to them. Now we are offering to help you minister to them.

But are we reaching YOUR neighbor? No one at Cargill UMC knows your neighbors, your job, your life better than you do. So how can Cargill UMC be the cause that meets the needs you see around you? By empowering YOU to meet them through a ministry called Multiply Your Blessings.


  • Your Neighbor needs a wheel chair ramp but doesn’t have money or the resources to get one built.
  • You want to start volunteering at a local charity and would love for people from your church to join you.
  • Someone you know is struggling to pay their bills and could use $50 to pay their electric bill for one month.
  • You have an idea for a project to help your community but it needs financial backing as well as people to help see it through.

Multiply Your Blessing Support Options:

  • $50 Grant
  • Matching funds (raise funds on your own to be matched)
  • Assistance in organizing volunteers for an event
  • Hold a one-time fundraiser/event on a specific date