Cargill Covenant for Health

Cargill Covenant for Health

In response to COVID-19 | Revised September 8, 2021

A “covenant” is an intentional promise to live together in ways that strengthen our relationship with one another and with God.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, this Cargill Covenant for Health states our mutual commitment to be a grace-filled, compassionate community of Christian believers dedicated to showing respect for the health of others and our own well-being. As variant strains of COVID-19 continue to impact our population, we agree to this Covenant:

1. If you aren’t feeling well for any reason or have any COVID -19 symptoms, please remain safer-at-home. The pandemic has taught us that “toughing out” being sick may be unhealthy for ourselves and others.

2. When we meet indoors in large groups of mixed or unknown vaccine status:

A. We ask that you wear a face mask and respect physical distancing in face-to-face conversation, regardless of your vaccination status.

B. This applies to:

  • Worship services
  • Children’s Sunday school and other children’s activities (for those ages 5 and older)
  • Large social gatherings, such as those in the Fellowship Hall (except while eating or drinking at tables)

3. We will continue to provide hand sanitizing stations and facemasks near building entrances as a matter of public health.

4. At this time, the South Entrance will continue to be reserved for use of the Cargill Christian Learning Center. The North and West entrances may be used for all other church activities.

5. If you develop COVID symptoms after being in the building, immediately notify the church office. This confidential information will be shared only with pastoral staff so that precautions can be taken, if necessary.

The Gospel calls us to care for the most vulnerable in our midst. By agreeing to this covenant as we worship together, we extend care to those most vulnerable to COVID -19. By doing so, we also are saying to all: You are welcome here.