Videos on Mark

August 14, 2022 | Worship

“What is Religion For?” Or, Looking for Allies in a World of Enemies. Message by Pastor Steve Scott. Here is the order of worship: Preparing Our Hearts for Worship Welcome 3:52 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Hymnal 349 Lord God, Your Love Has Called Us, Hymnal 579 Honest Questions, Compassionate Response 10:56 Ministry of Music | That Old Time Need of Prayer 12:54 Teaching and Message 16:29 Filled with the Spirit’s Power, Hymnal 537 Prayer Praise God, from Whom All…

Oct 24, 2021 | Worship

Being a Beggar and a Chooser. Here’s your chance to answer the question: What do you want? Scripture focus: Mark 10:46-52 Music by the Wesley Chorale: I Need Thee Every Hour

Oct 17, 2021 | Worship

Lessons in Greatness: It’s Not Beyond Your Reach. Where do you see genuine examples of leadership? They may be closer than you think. Scripture focus: Mark 10:35-45. Music by the Alleluia Ringers: They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love