UWF Mission and Social Action

UWF Mission and Social Action


United Women in Faith see the world through a mission lens. We understand our role as women in mission to be advocates for women, children, youth, and the marginalized in the world. 

We pray, learn, teach, and act for change in today’s injustice-filled world. Through mission work we seek to embody God’s presence in the world.

Here are some of the missions which Cargill United Women in Faith supports:


  • Mission Pledge
  • World Thank Offering
  • Call to Prayer and Self Denial
  • Legacy Fund

District Wide


You can help the UWF support these mission by attending events such as our Bake Sales, Christmas Cookie Walk, Salad Luncheon

Social Action

United Women in Faith works in partnership with coalitions on many justice issues to extend its reach. United Women in Faith will focus on climate justice, maternal and child health, criminalization of communities of color, and economic inequality. Prior advocacy work was on peace and justice, education, racial justice, immigrants’ rights, the environment, economic justice, women’s health, the rights of children, human rights, and farm workers’ rights, to name a few.