Classes & Book Studies

Slaying Giants in Your Life

Thursdays | 10:30am – 12pm | Room 106

Led by Ramona Hohenstein

$10 for the book

To request a book, contact the Church Office at 608-752-0548

Feelings of worry, guilt, anger, failure, etc can hold us back from participating in God’s plan for our lives and God’s ministry in this world. This 12 week bible study will examine scripture to learn how God acknowedges these feelings and helps us to overcome them.

We Cry Justice

Sundays | 9am | Room 106

Led by Daryl Spors

All are welcome and join anytime.

Organized into fifty-two chapters, each focusing on a key Scripture passage, We Cry Justice offers comfort and challenge from the many stories of the poor taking action together. Read anew the story of the exodus that frees people from debt and slavery, the prophets who denounce the rich and ruling classes, the stories of Jesus’s healing and parables about fair wages, and the early church’s sharing of goods. Reflection questions and a short prayer at the end of each chapter offer the opportunity to use the book devotionally through a year.