Cargill Banned Book Club

Cargill Banned Book Club

The American Library Association (ALA) monitors book bans in school districts across the nation.

 (The books are not all really banned; most are “challenged” in an attempt to remove or restrict materials based on their content.) 

The books most frequently challenged tend to have certain themes in common: 

• Books that have to do with LGBTQ topics or characters. 

• Books that have to do with sex, abortion, teen pregnancy or puberty. 

• Books that have to do with race and racism, or that center on protagonists of color. 

• Books that have to do with history, specifically that of Black people. 

We support open and honest conversations about these and other topics, and we believe that can’t happen if our young people are not allowed to read the books. In an effort to raise awareness of what amounts to censorship in our schools, we meet to discuss one of the banned books every six week or so. In addition to discussing themes, characters and plot development, we discuss why the book was challenged, whether or not it should have been challenged, and how the challenge affects our viewpoints. 

Read an excellent article by the Washington Post about why book bans are becoming more numerous. 

Visit the Church Calendar for our most recent banned book and discussion date.