Cargill United Methodist Foundation Of Janesville, Inc.

What is The Cargill United Methodist Foundation?

treeIt is a charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to provide funds for the purposes and programs of Cargill United Methodist Church. The Foundation is a corporation, which is managed by a Board of Directors. All directors must be members of Cargill United Methodist Church. The Foundation was formed in 1986, and its full name is the Cargill United Methodist Foundation of Janesville, Inc.


The Foundation seeks donations, which the board invests in an endowment fund. Grants are made to Cargill United Methodist Church from the growth in market value of these investments and from the interest and dividend income. This is the mission of the Foundation. All funds are invested through the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation:


The Foundation is able to receive donations in the form of money, securities, life insurance contracts, annuities, real estate, and other types of property. Donations are usually tax-deductible, but the IRS tax rules govern the amount of the deduction.


Why Should I Give?

The Cargill foundation is an endowment fund, so all donations are lasting, long-term, and tax deductible gifts. The idea of a lasting gift is an attractive feature to many people.


The original amount of your donation is preserved. The goal of the Cargill Foundation is to preserve your original donation while providing an ongoing source of funding to Cargill.


Our Church Council is responsible for deciding how to use this money each year to further support the purposes and programs of the Church.


In contrast, donations to Cargill United Methodist Church that you make weekly or monthly are current-year gifts. This money pays for the current year operating expenses.


How Do I Make a Donation?

Donations to the Foundation can be made by a check, and some people do this as a memorial to a loved one. Also, you can name the Foundation the beneficiary of life insurance policies and annuities. Other donations can be made through instructions in your will, such as giving a certain amount or percentage of your estate. We have also received real estate and shares of stock. Charitable gift annuities are a new way to make donations, and we have information about this.


We prefer donations to be unrestricted, but we have received some donations that are for a specific purpose.


Anyone can donate to the Foundation. The amount can be small or large, and it is whatever you feel in your heart will enhance your stewardship. Any gift will be gratefully received.


Should I Be Planning Ahead For Making Donations?

It is always a good idea to make decisions in advance about how much and when to donate. Most people feel relieved after they have made these decisions, because their plans are set.


Where Can I Get Information on Making Donations?

You can contact Cargill’s senior pastor,Susan Lockman at 608-752-0548 or the president of Cargill United Methodist Foundation, Stewart Hebel at  608-757-0141.